Founded in Melbourne; inspired by a lifetime spent in the hills and mountains around the world.

Shutting down the laptop, getting off the grid and into the hills is what we love.

This simple desire to get outside and off the beaten track inspired us to create büite outdoor and our first trail shoe; the hardloop.

outside outdoor

büite is outside. 

This is the core of our business. The clue to what we do is in our name. 

We love living outside of the lines so much we named our company twice.

the barb

Our logo is a wind barb.  Wind represents change. 

Our founders are from all over the world, but also proudly Australian.  We are continually inspired by our hometown of Melbourne. 

4 seasons in one day.  If you are from around these parts you know what a “cool change” is.  

A “cool change”, that sums büite up perfectly.